Dr. Bennett A Rare Find

After years of searching for a dentist I could trust, Dr. Bennett is one of those rare finds that is truly treasured. My story is perhaps akin to the person with a handheld metal detector who buzzes over 100 acres for 1000 days, but finds nothing until on the 1001st day the lights go off and there it is, a rare platinum coin.

In the same light, one may search under “Dentists” in all the telephone books in the Rockies and High Plains regions, but if one has not experienced the holistic approach and compassionate touch of Dr. Bennett coupled with the warm-hearted communication associated with his office staff, then that person has certainly missed that platinum coin. They say that good wellbeing starts with a healthy mouth, and Dr. B., as he is fondly called in client circles, has literally extended my life by empowering me with information and eradicating all pain associated with the once challenging issues of my teeth. When I count my blessings, Dr. B. is on that special list: I am just so thankful for all of his wisdom in oral care. (March 2010) – Simon, Billings Montana