Elizabeth - Commitment to Health

By the time I first entered Dr. Bennett’s office, for more than a decade I’d been limited to a soft-food (mostly pureed) diet because my jaw was so messed up, and I had all kinds of body aches and pains. These symptoms kicked in after I was hit by a truck.

When I ate, I had to repeatedly put a finger on my cheek, and massage it into my jaw joint, to chew even soft foods. During the day my jaw joints would pop so loudly other people would ask about the noise. At night my jaws sometimes got locked so that I’d have to grab the top of my bottom teeth and the bottom of my chin, then push and pull and wiggle, to literally pry my jaws apart.

Dr. Bennett’s on-going patience, persistence and generosity have brought me such pain relief, improved functioning and overall better health that I am grateful every day. I can chew regular food-something I get excited about every time I eat! I still have aches and pains but neck and head and back, ear and jaw pain all occur less often and less severely. Now weeks go by without my jaws clicking at all and on the rare occasion they do pop, it is low key instead of daily, very loud, very painful popping I’d gotten used to in past years. I haven’t had to pry my jaws apart since Dr. Bennett started working with me and my overall health has improved tremendously.

One of the many things I appreciate about Dr. Bennett is his commitment to the health of the whole person. He is respectful of all the medical professionals I work with, he helped me find other experts to support the work he was doing and he and his staff have encouraged me- making me laugh and smile every step of the way.  Elizabeth, Colorado Springs