Got My Life Back

I am now 49 years old and when I turned 40, I went to my doctor and described how I didn’t feel good-weak, tired, joint pain, headaches, etc. I felt like an old man. He did a complete physical on me and sent me home with a clean bill of health. Obviously, I wasn’t satisfied so I started looking for a different doctor to help me. My symptoms continued to get worse

until I found my present physician. She quickly identified what she suspected was my problem and ran some tests. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Bennett to have all my mercury fillings removed from my mouth. That was a six hour appointment, and about two hours into that appointment, I discovered that my joint pain was significantly better. I now have full mobility of my joints. I no longer have any headaches. I can now ride bikes, jog, backpack, ski, and really enjoy life again. Mercury fillings proved to me to be the cancer that was killing me. My physician and Dr. Bennett gave me my life back.  GHR, Gillette WY