Dr. Bennett Gets It!

Dr. Bennett gets it!   He understands the need to look at a patient from a Holistic point of view.   What goes on in the mouth can and usually is an indicator of what is going on in the body.

I had 22 teeth with mercury amalgams/three gold crowns and 2 root canals.  I have seen many dentists in my lifetime.   Some were better than others.   Some were just dentists and it was clear they didn't care about improving their knowledge in the area of dentistry.   The scary part of seeing a dentist is that we have to totally trust what is going on in that small cavity in our head.   We are trusting the ability of that individual to do a good job and be responsible with what they do in our mouth.   I became somewhat skeptical after some years of going to the dentist and coming out with a new bite every time I saw a dentist because they filled one of my teeth which threw my bite off!   The last one gave me headaches and face pain for quite a few years.   When going back to see that dentist, he insisted everything was fine.   So I continued to have face pain and headaches!

And then I met Larry Bennett.  I had a full mouth restoration.  It took some time to accomplish but Dr. Bennett made it right every step of the way.

Anyone can remove the above materials but Dr. Bennett truly understands the need to have materials compatible with the patient's body chemistry in their mouth.   Maybe more importantly is the issue of bite registration.   Dr. Bennett understands this as well.   Based on the patient's bite, the materials placed in your mouth will wear and last much longer if the patient has the correct bite.   Dr. Bennett gets that!

There are very few people in the country that understand bite registration and material compatibility.   Dr. Bennett understands both issues.  He is worth every penny spent in his office. Linda, Colorado Springs, CO