Many Thanks!

I want to express my thanks for the care you have given me over the past 6 months during which time I have had all of the amalgam fillings in my teeth replaced…a total of eleven.  Not only does it look so much better, I know that having these 40-year-old fillings out of my mouth is contributing to a more healthy and vibrant me.  I can’t thank you enough!

I have been planning to have this dental work done for over 10 years, when I first heard about the toxic conditions from the mercury in the fillings that I have lived with since my pre-teen years.  As you recall, you also found many of the teeth being worked on also had decay. So, not only have the amalgams been replaced with composite fillings, the decay has also been removed.

I really appreciate having learned so much from you during this process and I especially appreciate that your extensive training in this area required you to use protocols to protect my health during the removal of the fillings.

Going to the dentist as a 12-year-old was the worst experience of my childhood. I hated having my mouth numbed and so many of my teeth drilled on every 3 or so months. I really can’t say why my teeth were so prone to decay, but they were. I now know and understand that a number of symptoms that I have had throughout my life were caused by the amalgam fillings in my mouth causing mercury poisoning in my entire body. I have suffered from depression my entire life and expect over the coming months that I will continue to detoxify from the removal of the amalgam fillings. Who knows what the long term improvements will bring to my overall quality of life. I shall keep you informed!

You and your staff have been very professional and caring throughout this experience and I would not hesitate to recommend you to my family and friends.  Please pass on my thanks to everyone in your office.  Mary, Colorado Springs CO