My Health Collapsed

I became ill in 2004.  To be more specific, in a matter of several months, my health collapsed.  I was only fifty-two, and went from being able to jog five miles, to needing help up the front steps of the house.

Lung disease was suspected, as was heart disease, and then my naturopath suggested that I see Dr. Bennett.  She felt that the five root canals I had were suspect.  It seemed a drastic measure to me to have those teeth removed, and the amalgam fillings removed, but I was desperate.  My health was still deteriorating.

Within weeks after being treated by Dr. Bennett I was on the mend, and within a month felt my health completely restored.  To say that Larry Bennett saved my life might be a bit hyperbolic.  Certainly, he saved the quality of life I cherish, and it is no exaggeration to say that his holistic approach to dentistry is courageous, intelligent, innovative and compassionate, and like all men and women in medicine who make a true difference for their patients, he is a doctor of singular ethics. MS, Gillette WY