Dr. Bennett prides himself on understanding holistic dentistry and the negative effects that some types of dentistry may cause on the systemic health of a patient.  He also has 30 years experience in occlusion (bite disorders).  He never stops learning. He is one of very few dental professionals that have completed training in the four major teaching philosophies of occlusion. He was named to The OBI Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry’s faculty in 2003. As a general dentist, you will find Dr. Bennett to be very knowledgeable about dentistry and its effects on overall health. He is constantly trying to connect dentistry with wellness. His training in holistic or biologic dentistry and TMJ/TMD problems sets him apart from other dentists. He strives to take the necessary time to help you solve your problems and address your concerns and is committed is getting the best result for you.

Your first visit at our office varies depending on what your needs are. Basically, you will receive a comprehensive evalation, a limited evaluation or a TMJ/TMD (Temporomandibular Joint DysfunctionJ) evaluation. 

  • Comprehensive Evaluation: Ideally, we would like to evaluate your overall dental health. At this appointment Dr.  Bennett will begin by discussing your immediate concerns, learn about your previous dental experiences, and discuss your goals for your dental health. He will complete a detailed evaluation of the periodontal health (gum tissues), hard tissue health (teeth), and a screening of the chewing system. Patients love the quality time Dr. Bennett spends with them and finds his exam to be very thorough. Typically a full set of xrays are taken. 

  • Limited Evaluation: Sometimes people have an immediate concern such as a toothache, swollen gums, or a sensitive tooth. Dr. Bennett strives to get you into the office quickly to evaluate this concern. Depending on your situation will determine how much time we schedule. Many people seek Dr. Bennett’s advice about their dental care, they may just want an expert’s second opinion.

  • TMJ/TMD (Temporomandibular Joint or Temporomandibular Dysfunction) Evaluation: Many patients seek Dr. Bennett for treatment of their TMJ pain and discomfort. An evaluation of the chewing system can be done. The chewing system can become out of balance from trauma such as whiplash, dental work, orthodontics, or just the teeth not fitting together properly. Over time there are biomechanical and physiologic imbalances leading to severe damage. So if you are experiencing symptoms such as joint pain, headaches, muscle pain, or wearing down of your teeth, most likely Dr. Bennett would recommend a TMJ/TMD evaluation of your bite. 

All silver fillings actually contain over 50% mercury.  They are also called amalgam fillings. Mercury is a heavy metal that has known toxic effects on the human nervous and immune systems and it is slowly released over time from amalgam fillings. Dr. Bennett places no mercury amalgam fillings in anyone’s mouth.  There are many high quality mercury-free dental materials which can be used as an alternative to mercury amalgam when patients desire to have their fillings replaced.  Dr. Bennett follows the IAOMT protocol for safe removal of mercury amalgams.  He protects himself, his staff, and the patient in the removal of any mercury amalgam fillings.

Dr. Bennett is a general dentist who practices general dentistry such as routine dental work, fillings, crowns, and extractions but focuses on holistic dentistry and those patients that have occlusion or TMJ problems. He incorporates his advanced training in bite therapy/TMJ into general dentistry as well as the biomimetic training.

Yes, we file insurance claims for all insurance companies. We file your insurance on your behalf and the insurance company reimburses you directly. Dr. Bennett is not signed up for any contract programs.

We are able to offer low monthly payments through a program offered by Care Credit. This program provides a dental credit that allows you to charge your treatment and make affordable monthly payments. Our office offers 12 month interest free plans. Contact our office for more details. If you would like to learn more and sign up go to www.carecredit.com.


Patient Testimonials

  • I know that having these 40-year-old fillings out of my mouth is contributing to a more healthy and vibrant me. I can’t thank you enough! Read More
    - Mary, Colorado Springs, CO
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