Holistic Dental Philosophy


The philosophy of a holistic dentist can vary considerably from a conventional dentist, who may view oral disease as a localized problem. For many conventional dentists, examinations and treatment focus on repairing damage, such as tooth decay or bone loss. 

Holistic dentists rely on research that shows connections between dental disease and the health of the body. This connection is called “systemic” because it involves the entire body system. Holistic dentists try to identify and eliminate the cause of disease, and at the same time, repair damage.

Holistic and Conventional Examinations

The goals of an examination by holistic and conventional dentist and their recommended treatment may be very different. 

Dental disease can cause damage to the oral tissues, including the teeth, gum tissue and the jawbone.  There are three major types of dental disease: tooth decay, gum disease (periodontal disease) and dental malocclusion (bad bite). 

Both holistic and conventional dentists will examine the following:

  • teeth and existing dental restorations
  • bone and gums, which provide support for the teeth
  • the bio-mechanical function of the chewing system, which also includes a
  • TMJ exam and an examination of the bite.

Sometimes intraoral photographs are used to help the patient see the condition of their teeth, but patient beware: these photographs can be used in a manipulative way to “sell” needed or even unneeded dental services.

Additional Testing in the Holistic Examination

Because the holistic dentist is looking for systemic connections to dental disease, they often examine the salivary pH and nutritional status of the patient.

Generally, a holistic dentist will use some type of testing to determine if the dental restorative material to be used is compatible for their patient.  This can be done through blood tests, energetic testing, or muscle testing.

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