Dr. Bennett's mission is to provide a supportive environment that will assist patients in clarifying their values and setting goals for their dental health, general health and the aesthetics of their smile. There is no greater satisfaction than to play a role in helping one of our patients regain their dental health or systemic health of the body. 


Dr. Bennett’s approach to dental care is patient-centered, biologic, and holistic. He seeks to understand the connection between dental health and the health of the body.  He listens to patients so he can understand the unique issues and needs of each individual patient.  Dr. Bennett believes that the best dental restoration is the most minimally invasive. He understands that every patient is unique and requires a treatment plan that they value and can afford. There are ideal treatment plans and always other less than ideal options.  It is important the patient understands the potential consequences of all treatment options.  To explain all options, the doctor must take time to teach you what you need to know in order to choose the treatment options that are consistent with your needs and values. This won’t happen in most dental offices as “treatment coordinators” present treatment plans not the doctor and consequences of all options are not discussed.  Dr. Bennett takes the time.

Commitment To Quality Of Care

We strive to insure that you will receive pain-free, holistic dental care delivered by nice people. But we believe it’s more than that. In our office, quality means:

  • We start first with a quality dental examination.
  • All dental work in your mouth will be done by the dentist. 
  • The dentist will take the time necessary to do the job right. 
  • We provide metal-free, non-toxic dental restorations.
  • We use only the finest dental laboratory technicians.
  • We guarantee our work.