I have had numerous positive results since taking the action of having my amalgams removed by Dr. Lawrence Bennett almost two years ago. I no longer suffer from nearly as much gastrointestinal distress.

It was so dreadful that I had to lie down always after eating, sometimes for several hours. My lungs are much healthier now whereas I used to suffer from asthma. I suffer from fewer migraines now than I ever have in my life (it used to be 8-9 a month)

I consider these changes to be life giving and vital.

Mary, Colorado Springs CO

Before I became a patient of Dr. Bennett’s, I had been dealing with neck and jaw pain for many years.

I had been working with a chiropractor and would obtain short term relief but the pain would always return. Dr. Bennett performed the most extensive dental evaluation I had ever experienced and then suggested a course of treatment that would address the pain issues and extend the life of my teeth. I followed his treatment plan and now have a beautiful smile and only experience pain in my neck when my night guard needs adjusting. I was truly amazed at how working on my mouth and changing my bite changed so many other issues in my head and neck. Even though I have moved away from Colorado Springs I continue to travel back just to work with Dr. Bennett and his wonderful staff.

Leslie, Boulder CO

I am now 49 years old and when I turned 40, I went to my doctor and described how I didn’t feel good-weak, tired, joint pain, headaches, etc. I felt like an old man. He did a complete physical on me and sent me home with a clean bill of health. Obviously, I wasn’t satisfied so I started looking for a different doctor to help me. My symptoms continued to get worse

until I found my present physician. She quickly identified what she suspected was my problem and ran some tests. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Bennett to have all my mercury fillings removed from my mouth. That was a six hour appointment, and about two hours into that appointment, I discovered that my joint pain was significantly better. I now have full mobility of my joints. I no longer have any headaches. I can now ride bikes, jog, backpack, ski, and really enjoy life again. Mercury fillings proved to me to be the cancer that was killing me. My physician and Dr. Bennett gave me my life back.

GHR, Gillette WY

I want to express my thanks for the care you have given me over the past 6 months during which time I have had all of the amalgam fillings in my teeth replaced…a total of eleven. Not only does it look so much better, I know that having these 40-year-old fillings out of my mouth is contributing to a more healthy and vibrant me. I can’t thank you enough!

I have been planning to have this dental work done for over 10 years, when I first heard about the toxic conditions from the mercury in the fillings that I have lived with since my pre-teen years. As you recall, you also found many of the teeth being worked on also had decay. So, not only have the amalgams been replaced with composite fillings, the decay has also been removed.

I really appreciate having learned so much from you during this process and I especially appreciate that your extensive training in this area required you to use protocols to protect my health during the removal of the fillings.

Going to the dentist as a 12-year-old was the worst experience of my childhood. I hated having my mouth numbed and so many of my teeth drilled on every 3 or so months. I really can’t say why my teeth were so prone to decay, but they were. I now know and understand that a number of symptoms that I have had throughout my life were caused by the amalgam fillings in my mouth causing mercury poisoning in my entire body. I have suffered from depression my entire life and expect over the coming months that I will continue to detoxify from the removal of the amalgam fillings. Who knows what the long term improvements will bring to my overall quality of life. I shall keep you informed!

You and your staff have been very professional and caring throughout this experience and I would not hesitate to recommend you to my family and friends. Please pass on my thanks to everyone in your office.

Mary, Colorado Springs CO

After years of searching for a dentist I could trust, Dr. Bennett is one of those rare finds that is truly treasured. My story is perhaps akin to the person with a handheld metal detector who buzzes over 100 acres for 1000 days, but finds nothing until on the 1001st day the lights go off and there it is, a rare platinum coin.

In the same light, one may search under “Dentists” in all the telephone books in the Rockies and High Plains regions, but if one has not experienced the holistic approach and compassionate touch of Dr. Bennett coupled with the warm-hearted communication associated with his office staff, then that person has certainly missed that platinum coin. They say that good wellbeing starts with a healthy mouth, and Dr. B., as he is fondly called in client circles, has literally extended my life by empowering me with information and eradicating all pain associated with the once challenging issues of my teeth. When I count my blessings, Dr. B. is on that special list: I am just so thankful for all of his wisdom in oral care.

Simon, Billings Montana

I became ill in 2004. To be more specific, in a matter of several months, my health collapsed. I was only fifty-two, and went from being able to jog five miles, to needing help up the front steps of the house.

Lung disease was suspected, as was heart disease, and then my naturopath suggested that I see Dr. Bennett. She felt that the five root canals I had were suspect. It seemed a drastic measure to me to have those teeth removed, and the amalgam fillings removed, but I was desperate. My health was still deteriorating.

Within weeks after being treated by Dr. Bennett I was on the mend, and within a month felt my health completely restored. To say that Larry Bennett saved my life might be a bit hyperbolic. Certainly, he saved the quality of life I cherish, and it is no exaggeration to say that his holistic approach to dentistry is courageous, intelligent, innovative and compassionate, and like all men and women in medicine who make a true difference for their patients, he is a doctor of singular ethics.

MS, Gillette WY

By the time I first entered Dr. Bennett’s office, for more than a decade I’d been limited to a soft-food (mostly pureed) diet because my jaw was so messed up, and I had all kinds of body aches and pains. These symptoms kicked in after I was hit by a truck.

When I ate, I had to repeatedly put a finger on my cheek, and massage it into my jaw joint, to chew even soft foods. During the day my jaw joints would pop so loudly other people would ask about the noise. At night my jaws sometimes got locked so that I’d have to grab the top of my bottom teeth and the bottom of my chin, then push and pull and wiggle, to literally pry my jaws apart.

Dr. Bennett’s on-going patience, persistence and generosity have brought me such pain relief, improved functioning and overall better health that I am grateful every day. I can chew regular food-something I get excited about every time I eat! I still have aches and pains but neck and head and back, ear and jaw pain all occur less often and less severely. Now weeks go by without my jaws clicking at all and on the rare occasion they do pop, it is low key instead of daily, very loud, very painful popping I’d gotten used to in past years. I haven’t had to pry my jaws apart since Dr. Bennett started working with me and my overall health has improved tremendously.

One of the many things I appreciate about Dr. Bennett is his commitment to the health of the whole person. He is respectful of all the medical professionals I work with, he helped me find other experts to support the work he was doing and he and his staff have encouraged me- making me laugh and smile every step of the way.

Elizabeth, Colorado Springs

Dr. Bennett gets it! He understands the need to look at a patient from a Holistic point of view. What goes on in the mouth can and usually is an indicator of what is going on in the body.

I had 22 teeth with mercury amalgams/three gold crowns and 2 root canals. I have seen many dentists in my lifetime. Some were better than others. Some were just dentists and it was clear they didn't care about improving their knowledge in the area of dentistry. The scary part of seeing a dentist is that we have to totally trust what is going on in that small cavity in our head. We are trusting the ability of that individual to do a good job and be responsible with what they do in our mouth. I became somewhat skeptical after some years of going to the dentist and coming out with a new bite every time I saw a dentist because they filled one of my teeth which threw my bite off! The last one gave me headaches and face pain for quite a few years. When going back to see that dentist, he insisted everything was fine. So I continued to have face pain and headaches!

And then I met Larry Bennett. I had a full mouth restoration. It took some time to accomplish but Dr. Bennett made it right every step of the way.

Anyone can remove the above materials but Dr. Bennett truly understands the need to have materials compatible with the patient's body chemistry in their mouth. Maybe more importantly is the issue of bite registration. Dr. Bennett understands this as well. Based on the patient's bite, the materials placed in your mouth will wear and last much longer if the patient has the correct bite. Dr. Bennett gets that!

There are very few people in the country that understand bite registration and material compatibility. Dr. Bennett understands both issues. He is worth every penny spent in his office.

Linda, Colorado Springs, CO