Mercury Free Dentistry


Do you have dental mercury fillings in your teeth?  Dental amalgam (silver fillings) is made up primarily of mercury, tin, silver, and zinc. Mercury makes up slightly over 50% of the filling by weight. Mercury is one of the most neuro-toxic (nerve damaging) substances on earth.  Large amounts of mercury can be released during removal.  In amalgam fillings, mercury is released slowly until the filling is removed. 

So, precautions must be taken by your dentist to protect the patient from exposure to mercury during removal. The Colorado Springs dental clinic of Dr. Bennett uses these precautions and replaces the amalgam with composite (tooth colored) material that has been verified as bio-compatible for the patient through a testing process.

Patient Testimonials

  • I was truly amazed at how working on my mouth and changing my bite changed so many other issues in my head and neck. Read More
    Leslie - Boulder, CO
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